HGXT² - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Professional rugged HDMI 4K + Gigabit Ethernet

HDMI 2.0 | 4K 60Hz | 18Gbps | HDR | 4:4:4 | HDCP 2.2 | Gigabit Ethernet | 1000Base-T | Dante™ Compatible


4K60 UHD and Gigabit, one Duplex Fiber.

The HGXT² HDMI + Gigabit optical extender is a tour grade solution for extending HDMI 2.0 signals together with a Gigabit Ethernet channel (for TCP/IP networks, router extension, Dante™ digital audio transmission, etc..) over long distances using Neutrik opticalCON DUO or FiberFox 2CH fiber cable or conventional multimode LC fiber.

HGXT² HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Your all-in-one solution

The HGXT² is your perfect partner for combining the highest HDMI video quality together with a Gigabit interface.

This means you can get both signals over one duplex fiber optic cable which allows for unlimited applications.

Based on the best-selling HXT², the HGXT² continues to provide a true Plug&Play solution. No fooling around with settings, just plug in and off you go.

HGXT² - 4K HDMI & Gigabit ethernet Fiber Optic Extender

Compact and Heavy Duty

You might have noticed the new design: we've chosen an even stronger and higher quality enclosure made out of primary grade extruded aluminum, featuring rubber corner protectors and a sleek anodized finish.

Its small dimensions (200mm x 150mm x 61mm) allow for easy handling and storage. On the back we fitted our well known threaded truss hole for stand- or truss mounting.

HGXT² HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Reliable and Sturdy I/O

With optimal ruggedness and reliability in mind, you'll find all Neutrik™ connectors on the HGXT².

The etherCON chassis also accepts standard RJ45 connectors and the opticalCON DUO chassis is compatible with standard LC Duplex multimode cable.

The HGXT² also features a USB B Female port for future firmware updates (HDMI only). See "Support" for technical assistance.

HGXT² - Front View - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Truss & Clamp mounting

All of our extender units come with an M10 threaded mounting hole for attaching or clamping the extenders on trusses, bridges, tripods, and many more.


Gigabit at your finger tips

Connect your Gigabit network to the HGXT² etherCON port using standard RJ45 cables or ruggedized etherCON cables for more reliability and strength as these are safely locked with a protection latch to avoid accidental disconnection from the unit. The HGXT² is also compatible with Dante™ signals.

HGXT² - etherCON Connection - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender
HGXT² - RJ45 Connection - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Fiber as you like

Our HGXT² features like always the opticalCON DUO chassis for the fiber link. Customers have the choice between opticalCON DUO cables (Standard or X-TREME) or standard LC Duplex fitted fibers. Note that the HGXT² uses Multimode OM3 or OM4 fiber. A version with FiberFox briDge 2 is also available.

HGXT² - opticalCON DUO X-TREME Link - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender
HGXT² - LC Duplex Multimode Link - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Highest Video Quality

The 18Gbps transmission bandwidth allows for maximum image quality, meaning 4K UHD @ 60Hz with 4:4:4 color sub-sampling and HDR support. The content is encrypted with HDCP 1.x/2.2.

HGXT² - HDMI 2.0 Connection Ethernet fiber extender

Reliable Power

Powering on all XT² extenders is provided by a Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP inlet ensuring a safe and reliable connection. Every extender set comes with a pair of premade 2m cables with NAC3FX-W-TOP to Schuko.

HGXT² - powerCON TRUE1 Connection - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender

Store it. Move it.

With the optional heavy duty flight case you can take your HXT² safely anywhere you need to. The high density foam cutouts hug the extenders so that they are perfectly protected during transport. There is also space provided under the extender gaps for your HDMI and power cables.

HGXT² - HDMI Ethernet fiber extender - flight case


Signal type

HDMI 2.0

Maximum Resolution


Color Sampling


Video Bandwidth

18 Gbps



Max. color depth


Content Encryption

HDCP 1.4/2.2

Max. Frame Rate


HDR Support

Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR12, PQ, HLG

Max. Distance


Fiber Mode


Fiber Connection

Neutrik opticalCON DUO / FiberFox briDge 2 / Standard LC


Video Connection

Neutrik HDMI A-Type female

Gigabit Connection

Neutrik etherCON CAT5E Female

Power Connection

Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP Female

Firmware Update

Neutrik USB B Female
(for HDMI only)

Power Rating



1200g (TX + RX)


200mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 61mm (H)

Operating Temperature

0°C - 50°C

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