Accessories for XT² Extenders

Complete your XT² extender setup with these additional accessories.

Video Cables

The only copper cable you'll need.

Neutrik Locking HDMI Cable - 0,6m

Lockable HDMI cable from Neutrik for the most reliable video connection to the HXT².

You may use any HDMI cable but its length defines the maximum resolution, timing and color depth.

PureLink PS3000 HDMI Cable - 1m

These 18Gbps Premium HDMI cables from PureLink are the perfect addition to your HXT² extender.

The connectors lock very tightly so accidental removal of the HDMI cables is just impossible.

Belden 1505F 3G-SDI Cable - 2m

Flexible 3G-SDI patch cords fitted with Neutrik rearTWIST BNC connectors .

The perfect and reliable addition to your SXT² extender set.

Power Cables

Give your XT² extender the juice it needs.

powerCON TRUE1 Power Cable

Standard 2m power cable for the XT² extenders. Fitted with lockable Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connector and standard Belgian/French style plug.

Other power plugs available for your country on request.

Neutrik Locking USB Cable - 1m

Neutrik USB 2.0 patch cables with overmolded flex relief and rugged metal cable carrier for powering the HXT² USB version.

One cable end offers an USB connector type A, the other side offers a USB connector type B.


Because good equipment deserves good care.

Heavy Duty Flight Case

ruggedized flightcase

Ruggedized, professional flight case for safely storing and transporting your XT² extender, I/O cables and Manfrotto™ clamps (not included).

Cleaning Tools

Fibers are wonderful, but like all great things, sometimes a little cleaning is necessary. With these tools you can service your opticalCON DUO equipment to guarantee a flawless transmission.

opticalCON DUO Cleaning Tool

Cleaning adapter for opticalCON DUO cable connectors. For use with Dry Cleaner for LC Connectors

Dry Cleaner for LC connectors

Dry cleaner for opticalCON chassis connector cleaning (LC front surface dry cleaning possible)