Professional Heavy Duty Fiber Extenders for HDMI and SDI (with optional Gigabit link)

Whether you need to extend HDMI, or up to 12G-SDI, we've got it. Above all, these heavy duty video over fiber optic extenders do what they have to: safely transmit digital video over fiber. In short, no hassle with endless settings, no bulky configuration process,etc.  Just plug it in and use it!

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Built for opticalCON DUO

The XT² FiberOptic Extenders offer a ruggedized & compact solution for video over long distances using one single optical fiber cable. The addition of the Neutrik opticalCON DUO ruggedized fiber cables makes these extenders a must have! Whether it is for both consumer and professional A/V applications as well as rental markets or large venues such as concerts, sports events and many more.

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