Ruggedized Extenders for Digital Video over Fiber


Extreme quality, premium performance

The XT² FiberOptic Extenders offer a heavy duty solution for transmitting DVI, 3G-SDI, DisplayPort and HDMI video over long distances using one single Neutrik opticalCON DUO optical fiber cable. They’re built to last thanks to their solid, compact, lightweight aluminum housing; the addition of the Neutrik opticalCON DUO ruggedized fiber cables makes these extenders a must have for both consumer and professional A/V applications, rental markets, large venues such as concerts, sports events, and many more.

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Smart design - Built to last

All of our XT² Extenders have one thing in common: they last. Thanks to the heavy duty powder coated aluminum housing and compact build, all units are shock and scratch resistant. The handy threaded hole allows for truss or stand mounting. Each XT² model also has its own colored gaskets for easy identification.

We use Neutrik video, power and fiber optic connectors in all XT² Extenders, rendering them ultra solid and reliable. The locking powerCON and USB chassis connectors take care of power input while the fiber optic connection is being provided by an opticalCON DUO chassis connector. All XT² extenders are fully Plug&Play, meaning no configuration is needed whatsoever.


The XT² extenders have been designed to work with the famous Neutrik opticalCON DUO tactical fiber optic cable system. This guarantees a solid and reliable connection while maintaining great flexibity and excellent performance even in harsh conditions.

World class connectors



Heavy-duty tactical fiber optic connection securing optical link between sender and receiver.


The industrial grade powerCON TRUE1 takes care of safe power delivery.


Lockable connection when using Neutrik HDMI cables. Also compatible with PureLink's ProSpeed3000.


When mains power is not available, the Neutrik lockable USB is there to save the day.


The world famous rearTWIST BNC connection, the most reliable SDI connection.